Dr. Chiu's Books



Volume I: Basics, Combat, and VFX 

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1   Unreal Engine 5 and Visual Studio
1.1     Unreal Engine 5 Installation and Migration Guide1.2    Visual Studio Installation and Setup1.3    Unreal Editor and the New Interface1.4    Visual Studio IDE1.5     Summary          Exercises
CHAPTER  2   Modern C++ Primer

2.1     C++ Fundamental Data Types, Variables, and Arrays

2.2     C++ Operators

2.3     Functions

2.4     C++ Statements

2.5     Pointers

2.6     Macros

2.7     Templates

2.8     Summary


CHAPTER  3 C++ Object-Oriented Programming

3.1     Classes and Objects

3.2     Interfaces

3.3     Exceptions

3.4     Multithreading Programming

3.5     Data Structures in Modern C++

3.6     Summary


CHAPTER  4 Introduction to UE5 Game Programming

4.1     UE5 Game Programming Quick Start

4.2     Introduction to Programming in UE5

4.3     UE5 Class Libraries

4.4     Memory Management and Garbage Collection

4.5     Summary


CHAPTER  5 Combat for Action RPGs

5.1     Creating Art Assets for RPGs

5.2     Blend Spaces

5.3     The Character and Camera Controls

5.4     Stats in RPGs

5.5     Action RPG Combat

5.6     Integrating Animation and Sound Effects

5.7     Horse Riding System

5.8     Summary


CHAPTER  6 Visual Effects Design

6.1     Niagara VFX System

6.2     Niagara Quick Start

6.3     Special Effects for Action RPGs

6.4     Summary


Massively Multiplayer Game Programming with Unity 3D and Mirror

Table of Contents

Chapter 1  Unity and Visual Studio

1.1       Unity Installation and Setup1.2       Visual Studio Installation and Setup1.3       Unity and Visual Studio IDE1.4       Visual Studio IDE and Unity Debugging1.5       Summary            Exercises

Chapter 2  Unity C# Essentials

2.1       C# Fundamental Data Types, Variables, and Arrays2.2      C# Operators2.3      Methods2.4      C# Statements2.5       Summary            Exercises

Chapter 3  Unity C# Object-Oriented Programming

3.1       Classes and Objects3.2       Interfaces3.3       Exceptions3.4       Class Libraries3.5       Serialization3.6       Summary            Exercises

Chapter 4  Unity C# Network Programming

4.1        C# Multithreaded Programming4.2       Unity C# Network Programming4.3       UNet Multiplayer Game Programming4.4       Summary             Exercises

Chapter 5  UNet First Person Shooter Programming

5.1        Fast-Paced Multiplayer Games and Client-Server Architecture5.2       Network Clock Synchronization5.3       UNet Multiplayer First Person Shooter5.4       Summary            Exercises

Chapter 6  Mirror Massively Multiplayer Game Programming

6.1       What is Mirror?6.2       UNet Project Migration6.3       Creating Third Person Art Assets6.4       Third Person Character Controller6.5       Client-Side Prediction and Entity Interpolation6.6       Third Person Shooter and Special Effects Design6.7       Artificial Intelligence6.8       Network Proximity in Massive Multiplayer Online Games6.9       Summary             Exercises
Chapter 7  Online Game User Interface Design and Implementation
7.1        Inventory Interface7.2       Minimap Design and Implementation7.3       Online Game Chat Room Design and Implementation7.4       Player Login System and Character Customization7.5       Summary            Exercises

Chapter 8  Mobile Multiplayer Game Programming

8.1        Android SDK Installation8.2       Unity Android Development Environment8.3       Unity Android Touch Controls8.4       Unity Android Game Deployment8.5       Summary             Exercises

Chapter 9  Hosting Dedicated Online Game Servers

9.1        Domain Name Service (DNS) with No-IP9.2       Router Setup for Dedicated Server9.3       Deploying Mirror Dedicated Server9.4       Summary             Exercises